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FOX, 3. This little Fox is a dynamic performer for only having a 3m span. Energy retention is excellent and aerobatic performance is just as good as its big brother. Of course, the bright yellow color sure helps see it at altitude too!

Arcus, 6. The 6. This aircraft is fully molded, carbon reinforced and available in different configurations. The quality level of this kit is just astonishing, best we ever seen. Plane Supplier. Wing covers. Build thread. ASH, 6. You will get the ultimate soaring experience with this high performance glider and be surprised how docile this glider is in the air, a real performer.

It will allow you to explore all the soaring capability, from smooth graceful thermalling to full on aerobatics. Its outstanding behavior makes it a great candidate for scale cross country flying. Again: Ultimate soaring! ASH, 7. The scale detailing of this model is truly outstanding.

Ventus 2cxM 4.3m, with retractable self launch unit (sls)

With the extended wing tips installed, the span stretches out to an impressive 8. Supplier option. DG, 8. The motor unit will extend out of the fuselage when activated and retracts back into the fuselage when shut off. Schambeck Up and Go. More SLS self launch systems.

Jet Glider Ventus 2cxaj

ASW, 4. ASW Build Thread. Antares 20E, 6. With a span of 6. The model has been made in a full carbon version, hollow molded for maximal torsional stiffness. The chosen airfoil has been is optimized for GPS triangle racingbut the airframe has excellent handling for thermal flying and low speed.

Rarely will you attend a soaring event without seeing at least one Antares on the flight line. L Blanik, 4. This great flying plane is ideal for sailplane and aerotow pilots as well as slope soarers. Check out this Video!With a span of 4. This is the self launchable version M.

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The cockpit comes completely finished, upholstered seats, and many scale details such as instrument mushrooms complete with instruments. The canopy is finished, fitted and painted. All that remains for the builder to do is add a scale pilot for complete realism. The kit is available with sheeted and covered wings. All control surfaces pre-cut and hinged ready to hook up controls. It features a modified RG15 airfoil which gives this fine model a smooth and versatile flying characteristics.

The neat wing planform gives it exceptional thermalling performance and the wings are very strong to withstand some strong aerobatics. Like its full-scale counterpart, the poly brake wing plan with winglets form looks especially graceful and unique in the air and gives a very smooth handling.

With the level of completion of this glider, only a few hours of work are required before it will be ready to take to the air. The wings and control surfaces are Oracover covered completely finished.

Airbrakes are installed and ready to be connected to your servos. F unctional retract is installed in the high gloss, gel coated fiberglass fuselage. Ruder and Elevator a hollow moulded. All servos wires are installed. A small package of hardware and building instructions complete the kit.

Radio requirements are four micro servos for the ailerons and flaps, two mini servos for the airbrakes, two sub-micro servos for the winglet ailerons and four regular servos for the elevator, rudder, retract, and tow release. This is the Ventus 2cxM 4. The unit is rated W and works on 5cells LiPo not included. A worm gear mechanism controlled by a servo and separate 2S LiPo battery moves the system in and out.

Since the motor remains in the same position, there is no CG change between closed and open position, so no change in flight attitude besides the thrust of of the motor to compensate. The landing gear is a special design with rised wheel to increase ground clearance and avoid nose tipping at take off.

We recommend the use of a very smooth runway to take off. If grass is too tall a dolly may be suitable. The unit requires a 80A speed controller and a 5S LiPo battery to be fully operational.The moulded Ventus 2cx is a remote control scale sailplane with a wing span of 4.

The slimness of the wing makes the model particularly suitable for thermal and slope soaring. When piloted correctly, the production technology allows for the model to perform successful aerobatics. The model comes equipped with winglets, which improve circling at minimum speed by decreasing induced resistance. The fuselage of the Ventus 2cx is made of fiberglass. The cockpit is equipped with a moulded seat. If the customer wishes, the cockpit can be custom equipped with seat covers, upholstered side panels, control levers, a control panel, microphone and map.

The canopy opens to the side just like the real sailplane.

ventus 2cxm glider

The wing is a composite of fiberglass, carbon fiber and Herex sandwich materials. The wing spar consists of carbon roving and fiberglass sandwich web filled with balsa wood. The split flaps change the curvature of the airfoil. According to the modern aerodynamic concept a three-times-defracted wing profile ensures optimum stability during circling. The attachment of the wing to the fuselage is carried out by the extention of the wing spar and secured by a pin, just the way it is in the real sailplane.

Ventus 2cx comes equipped with Schempp-Hirth air brakes, airtow release mechanism and retractable landing gear. Instead of the standard retractable landing gear the model can be fitted with a folding retractable landing gear, just the way it is in the real planes. The model has the original true scale sailplane livery applied.

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If the customer wishes, the colour of the standard decals can be changed or these can be completely custom made. The model can have the fuselage adjusted, pre-cut and fixed with a door, i. With basic equipment, the Ventus 2cx requires ten 10 servos, i. If modified as an M version, the model requires an additional servo for the retractable pylon. The sailplane Ventus 2cx with 4m wing span can be easily transported in our moulded transportation Cobra trailer on wheels, which we developed for models of this size.

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ventus 2cxm glider

Brakes, folding retractable landing gear, winglets, airtow release mechanism. Brakes, folding retractable landing gear, winglets, airtow release mechanism, custom cockpit.Email this page to a friend. Wingspan: " mm. Length: Weight: lbs. Airfoil Wing area Wing loading Empty weight. Login to rate or review this product. Your cart is empty.

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Wingspan: " mm Length: Almost Ready to Fly, in this case means you have almost no building left to do. Simply install your radio gear and enjoy. Even the decals are pre-applied and cockpit details installed. The Let Model is well known throughout Europe for their excellent craftsmanship and this model is another excellent example. Many of the "custom" details like the tow release in the nose, the scale retractable landing gear with working doors, tail wheel, the full cockpit with instrument panels, and the canopy with scale-like hatch latches and sliding vents have already been pre-finished for you.

With supplied outboard plug-in wing panels and amazing spring-loaded lock you will be in the air in matter of minutes. You need to install up to 4 servos in each composite wing. The wing and fuselage both have pre-installed wiring harnesses that also include multi-pin connectors for fast, trouble-free setup at the field. The elevator servo cleanly fits inside the vertical fin in its own fiberglass tray. The hollow molded rudder and stabilizer are already pre-hinged with linkages installed.

ventus 2cxm glider

Designed with the intermediate pilot in mind, the Ventus 2cx is a joy to fly. It thermals well and is fun on the slopes as well. It lands in remarkably small areas due to the generous flaps and spoilers.

LET Model Ventus 2cx Scale Sailplane (ARF)

The careful use of composites creates a good light structure that will hold its shape for a long time.Look forward to a flight experience like you have never felt before. Effortlessly call on incredible performance.

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Honest, direct feedback provides you with a reassuring sense of reliability. Combine this with unrivalled agility and become one with the glider to uncover hidden potential. Immediate and fast roll rates convey agility and control while thermalling. In particular when only weak thermal energy is available, the Ventus is in its element.

With a modern wing layout and aerofoil, the new design conveys safety and trust particularly when flown with full water ballast. The front-opening canopy of the re- designed Performance Edition fuselage provides enhanced comfort getting in and out of the sophisticated cockpit and offers a great deal of space. The interior showcases the impressive work manship of its visual carbon surfaces.

Right from the start, the New Ventus Performance Edition has been designed to provide ultimate independence by being able to self-launch. A new Solo engine with electronically controlled injection system and a reduced reduction ratio for a nicer engine noise pro- vides the new Ventus with more than 60 hp, delivering powerful climb performance even on high-terrain, short take-off sites or at high outdoor temperatures.

In case of problems, clear messages provide comprehensive assistance. A technically elegant look with beautiful carbon fibre visible, laser-engraved stainless steel, a new ventilation system with fully adjustable outlets and many other improvements characterize the fundamentally re-designed and ergonomically optimized cockpit. With sporty comfort delivering maximum feedback, the cockpit still provides sufficient space for taller pilots, while implementation of the latest design regulations increases crash protection even further.

So an upgrade to the turbo system is always possible. To make the upgrade easier and therefor cheaper, wie recommend, to choose the option "prepared turbo installation". This option includes the fitted flaps for the engine compartment. A upgrade with a FES-System is principal possible, but due technical reasons associated with much more work than a configuration with a FES-Engine from the beginning.

The wing design of the new Ventus was optimized from the beginning for 15 meter and 18 meter. As of Maya 15m kit is available for new gliders and as a retro-fit option for any new Ventus. Combined, our ultimate design target has been achieved: Increased cross-country speed.

You will simply fly faster. Low-Energy Glider. Independent Performance lets you take off when you want to. Technical Data Wing span 15 m It replaces the highly successful Schempp-Hirth Ventus It was announced at the AERO Friedrichshafen in April where a mock-up was suspended from the ceiling of the exhibition hall.

Production of the first seven turbo Ventus 3T started on 28 April In the latter competition, pilots with Ventus 3T took the first three places in the 18m Class. Two sizes of fuselage are now available, Sport and Performance; the latter is larger.

The Sport fuselage is available as a pure glider, or with a turbo sustaining engine, or a front-end electric sustaining FES engine. Currently the larger fuselage is only available for the self-launching 'M' and the turbo versions. The first version with the Performance fuselage, Ventus 3M, also flew in December Features include 'bug-wiper' garages recessed in the fuselage.

There are two ballast tanks one 58 litres and one 38 litres in each wing which are filled from the wing-tip and two tanks in the fin.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Schempp-Hirth gliders. Categories : s German sailplanes Schempp-Hirth aircraft. Hidden categories: Commons category link is locally defined. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Schempp-Hirth Ventus.It replaced the highly successful Schempp-Hirth Ventus. The Ventus-2a and 2b are 15 metre sailplanes. The 'a' version has a narrow fuselage and the wider fuselage version is called the 2b. Winglets are used with these models. The 18 metre span Ventus-2c was introduced in and was almost an entirely different aircraft with a different fuselage and wings, but it has the option of shorter tips with winglets to fly as a metre sailplane.

From the Schempp-Hirth Discus-2 fuselage was used for all versions, which now have the designations 2ax, 2bx and 2cx. Flight tests in showed that the 15 metre version had a glide angle of but only after considerable work on sealing gaps and by using turbulators.

The narrow fuselage Ventus-2a has been highly successful in competitions with consecutive World Championship wins from to A narrow fuselage version with an metre span, the Ventus 2cxa has also been built. Some Ventus-2c and 2cx are fitted with small Solo sustaining engines turbos and are designated with a T suffix, while some are self-launching with a more powerful Solo and have the suffix 'M'.

The 2cT climbs at up to 0. The 2cxa has been designed to take a jet engine. Production of the 2a and 2b has reached aircraft, while the 2c, 2cT, and 2CM have reached A replacement model, the Ventus 3 first flew on 29 January and serial production started in April From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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